NV3 announced its first three investments

NV3 is investing a total of EUR 2.5m in the three companies out of which EUR 2.2m are public funds provided by the Fund of Funds. Additionally, NV3 attracted approximately EUR 2.5m from private strategic and financial investors.

FinTech & Blockchain
Artificial Intelligence
Shared Economy & Platforms
IoT & Big Data
3D printing
Nanotech & biotech
Cyber security
Icons made by monkik from www.flaticon.com
Companies that add value to the Bulgarian economy
Early or start-up stage companies seeking an equity investment of €0.1M - €1M
Product or service ready for the market
Value proposition validated by customers
New & innovative business models or technologies 
Scalable solutions
Global vision from day 1
Founders who are repeat and visionary entrepreneurs with a strong team

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