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NV3 Invests € 3M in 7 New Companies

Updated: Feb 22

New Vision 3 (NV3) announces its successful autumn investment round, injecting capital into seven promising local ventures. NV3's strategic investments in Columbo, eLando, Bronia, 365 Company, AdScout, QuarkXR, and VibeJobs aim to bolster their innovation, efficiency, and scalability within their respective sectors. With a total pre-seed investment of EUR 3 million, NV3 is propelling these startups toward success. 

Furthermore, NV3 has reaffirmed its commitment to its portfolio companies by providing additional funding to Paperfin, IRIS, and Swipe, totaling EUR  1 million. 

With this batch of investment, NV3 successfully closes its investment period. 

Here are further insights into the company profiles:

The AI-enhanced lumbar spine diagnostics company received a EUR 1 million investment. CoLumbo reads spine MRI scans to provide a pre-populated report. The software reduces the total interpretation time by up to 48% and reduces errors of omission by up to 15%. CoLumbo has a CE mark, FDA 510(K), and TGA clearance. The key novelty of CoLumbo lies in the unique machine learning algorithm, based on fully convolutional neural networks combined with medical domain knowledge.

The software engineering services company, based in Sofia, received a EUR 500,000 investment. eLando provides services in the areas of Cloud Solutions, Software Engineering, Mobile Applications, Software system Integrations, Cybersecurity, and more. The company turns business visions into reality by integrating technical expertise, sector knowledge and domain expertise with individual client requirements – providing innovative technology solutions using top-notch delivery methodologies. 

The deep tech company, specializing in acoustic recognition, received a EUR 500,000 investment. Bronia provides next-gen intelligent & autonomous security solutions across Air, Land, Sea, Space & Cyber. Its AI-based acoustics signal processing platform leverages state-of-the-art proprietary technology to identify sounds of interest, locate their sources and act smartly across a variety of industry and security scenarios.

The data-science learning platform received a EUR 400, 000 investment. 365 Data Science provides holistic data science and AI training, including the technical expertise and soft skills needed to ensure long-term success in a dynamic job market. Its courses and projects are based on real-life use cases people can expect when they get hired. Job candidates can verify data and AI skills with industry-recognized certificates, build a powerful project portfolio, and go from beginner to job-ready.

The platform for trusted product recommendations received a EUR 300, 000 investment.  AdScout is the first social platform of its kind in Bulgaria, which builds a network of trusted recommendations. The business model is based on the insight that trust between people is the most valuable asset that plays a key role in the world of online advertising and sales. AdScout is empowering people to recommend products and services to their family and friends and earn money for every purchase made.

The Next Gen Compression and Streaming Technology received a EUR 225,000 investment. QuarkXR provides the infrastructure that bridges powerful Cloud computing with immersive (AR/VR) devices on the edge. Their solutions empower architects, sales teams, wellness, education, and industrial training professionals to create immersive presentations, while the flexible SDKs help clients in building immersive applications. The QuarkXR Unity SDK enables easy integration of Cloud Streaming into any Unity app and so far has received overwhelming liking from the XR developer community.

The job platform in Viber received a EUR 100,000 investment. VibeJobs enables quick and easy access to the most sought-after personnel in the labor market utilizing a chatbot-based solution for communication and recruitment automation. Their main vision and motivation is to provide equal access to new technologies to all job seekers. VibeJobs believes that this will significantly improve communication and shorten the distance between candidates and employers.

By backing these seven innovative startups, NV3 is not just funding their expansion but also enriching the vibrancy and inclusivity of the Bulgarian startup landscape. These investments are meant to catalyze additional innovation, draw in more investment capital, and generate progress and advancement across the regional ecosystem.

The consecutive investments in Paperfin, IRIS, an open banking platform, and Swipe, the first Bulgarian platform for buying and selling second-hand mobile phones, aim to further nurture their growth and development.

Through its dedication to the local startup ecosystem, NV3 is actively positioning Bulgaria as a prominent player in the international arena of technological innovation and entrepreneurship.


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