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NV3 Invests €200K in Ancestral Superfoods to Revolutionize Functional Food Industry

[Sofia, November 16] – New Vision 3 (NV3) is excited to announce a strategic investment of €200,000 in Ancestral Superfoods, a company with the mission to create innovative foods and dietary supplements. This investment is part of a larger funding round that includes contributions from over 12 angel investors, reflecting strong confidence in Ancestral's vision and market potential. The funding will accelerate Ancestral's mission to develop functional foods and dietary supplements that support the gut health and immune system through advanced sprouting and fermentation technology.

Ancestral Superfoods creates products that support the gut health, brain function, immune health and boost metabolism. Ancestral Superfoods is set to become one of the few certified companies in the region by a leading Australian university for products according to the “Low FODMAP” diet.

The investment by NV3, complemented by the substantial interest from a group of esteemed angel investors, positions Ancestral Superfoods for a new phase of growth and innovation. Jordan Stoyanov, Lead Partner at NV3, emphasized on the alignment between NV3's investment mission and Ancestral's approach to health and nutrition.

We are deeply inspired by Ancestral Superfoods' remarkable achievement of gaining traction in nine diverse markets, including the competitive UK sector. The fervor and commitment of their team are truly exceptional, and it's evident that the founders are on a passionate quest to enhance people's health, comments Jordan Stoyanov, Partner at NV3

Behind the launch of Ancestral Superfoods stands the personal story and life philosophy of the co-founder Jivko Djamiarov. In this interview, he shares the path that led to the creation of the company. Confronted with a critical health challenge during a hospital stay after a stroke, Zhivko was struck by the crucial role of nutrition and preventive health. This realization led to the inception of Ancestral Superfoods, fueled by his passion to provide healthful solutions, especially for those facing similar health issues. His own struggle with autoimmune health problems and a transformative shift to a plant-based diet marked the start of this path. His journey also took a spiritual turn with his involvement in Tibetan Buddhism, which profoundly influenced his life and shaped the guiding principles of Ancestral Superfoods.

We are delighted to be starting a new chapter in the incredible journey of our company Ancestral Superfoods thanks to the support of the NV3 investment fund and a fantastic group of business angels. It is very important for us that we have found partners who share our vision and values and believe in the success of our project. We are sure that with their help and guidance we will fulfill our potential and achieve our mission of improving people's health through our functional sprouted and fermented foods, comments Jivko Djamiarov, Co-founder of Ancestral Superfoods.

About NV3

NV3 is a venture capital firm that champions the disruptive potential of technology and innovation. By investing in startups and growth-stage companies with the vision to be the preferred partner to entrepreneurs who add value to the Bulgarian and regional economies. The fund supports founders creating future industry trends in FinTech, AI, Blockchain and Shared Economy.

About Ancestral Superfoods

Ancestral Superfoods, co-founded by Jivko Djamiarov, Elena Gerganova, and Georgi Gerganov, specializes in the development of health-enhancing "live and functional" foods, leveraging natural processes to meet the growing demand for effective dietary supplements. With a focus on improving overall health, Ancestral's products are designed to deliver maximum nutritional benefits. For more information about Ancestral Superfoods and its innovative offerings, visit Ancestral's website.

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